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11 set, 2020 Hr : 09:00 / 11 ott, 2020 Hr : 24:00
SICC Web room ( MI )

The echo of the extraordinary success of the 25th IFSCC Conference organized in October in Milan has not yet gone away, which we are called to repeat in a new International event: the 4th IPCE Conference.

Due to the emergency situation created by the COV19, the original plan to hold the Conference on site, had to be reviewed; despite our commitment to maintain the 4th IPCE live, the evolution of the pandemic has not allowed to guarantee the viability of the locations and the full possibility of travel for authors and participants.

However, was the intention of the Steering Committee to give continuity to this event, so that, as established in the constitutive objectives, the authors of the best Posters at the last IFSCC Event in Milan have the possibility to give their lectures to a competent audience, even if in a virtual way

Therefore we plan to keep the original scientific program as "on-demand videoconference"; the lecturers will register their presentation in a suitable format and all the presentations will constitute the 2days/4sessions Conference as originally scheduled: whoever is registered will be authorised to look at the lectures at their best convenience for 1 month from the launch of the Conference that is now scheduled for the second week in Sept.

This conference promises to be the most important scientific event of the year in the cosmetic sector to be held in Italy; the Conference format will reflect that of the first IPCE Editions, so cleverly conceived by the Italian-Japanese-American steering committee

This year's theme "Contactless Cosmetics: Shaping the future of Personal Care Sciences" will deal with the biological processes, the effectiveness of formulations, and the evaluation methodologies by focusing them on the skin surface and its external boundaries, delegating functions (both positive and any adverse) to the biosensors and receptors located on the SC and Epidermis

Unfortunately, with this format, the socio-cultural initiatives will be missing, but we will provide an overview of what we are planning for next year; you can taste in advance what expect all of us at the 5th IPCE edition that, we promise, will be really unforgettable to properly celebrate the ... new life.

Stay tuned on this or on the Conference Websites IPCE 2020 WEBSITE to be informed on the scientific program and the timing for registration!

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