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25 Nov, 2021 Hr : 10.30 / 26 Nov, 2021 Hr : 17.00
Centro Congressi MICO ( MI )

IT and Ecological Transition: the new paradigm of the cosmetics sector towards industry 4.0

For at least ten years we have been talking about Industry 4.0, and we are already planning the evolution towards the 5.0 release, but perhaps in the cosmetics supply chain we still have to metabolize and apply the concepts of IT and ecological transitions typical of version 4.0.

Artificial Intelligence, Neurocosmetics, 3D and 4D Printers, Internet of Thinks (IoT), Block Chain, Big Data, Virtual and Augmented Reality, are terms that are increasingly used, but how many have their meanings clear? And, above all, how to avoid dangerous shortcuts that tend to entrust to algorithms not deriving from in-depth data analysis and, worse, to incorrect operations of Greenwashing for strategic decisions of our profession? In this cycle of lectures, let us try to deepen some of these concepts.


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25 Nov 2021
10:30 Sanvito Tiziano Formulazione a valore aggiunto, controllo qualità e valutazioni cito/ecologiche delle particelle nei cosmetici tramite il metodo SPES
11:00 Cicchetti Michele Packaging e stampanti 3D
11:30 Zechini Filippo La robotica per aumentare la produttività e la qualità del ciclo produttivo anche nelle piccole realtà del settore cosmetico
12:00 González Padilla Andrés Digitalization or how to unlock AI for Modern R&D Labs
12:30 Maggino Filomena Benessere e Sostenibilità nell'era post-covid
26 Nov 2021
11:00 Plata Emanuele L'impatto della transizione Ecologica sulle strategie delle Aziende 4.0
11:30 Pollina Pino "Zoomfobia". Implicazioni psicologiche all'evoluzione delle relazioni umane attraverso i computer
12:00 Murello Andrea Etichette smart e realtà aumentata
12:30 Laurelli Michele L'intelligenza artificiale - cos'è e cosa cambierà?
13:00 Leroy Frederic Digital transformation: a multi-faceted revolution