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SiCC is an independent and non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the well-being of all stakeholders in the supply chain through the dissemination and development of Cosmetic Sciences

It is a scientific association that brings together technologists, researchers and professionals and promotes its statutory objectives through the organization of scientific and cultural events, training courses, scientific publications and participation in social groups with a technical-scientific value.

Founded in 1958, for more than 60 years it has collaborated with the academic and school world, institutions and the public administration, users and their associations, scientific and professional associations, NGOs and foundations

It is a member of the IFSCC which has more than 60 national associations and more than 22,000 associates around the world

The main objectives of the Association can be summarized in 2 points:

First, the goal of improving the relationship between Sustainable Quality and Price of the cosmetic product, while optimizing the intrinsic quality of the products placed on the market

Secondly, to facilitate correct and transparent communication between all interlocutors through the use of training and promotion tools aimed at relevant stakeholders, while maintaining the right equidistance between the legitimate aspirations of companies and the needs, expressed or latent, of the other components of the value chain

These objectives derive from our Vision on the future of Associations in general and of scientific ones in particular, which can be expressed as follows

The Associations will have fewer and fewer corporate, trade union or convivial objectives and the technical-scientific ones will be increasingly dedicated to orienting decision-making bodies and opinion leaders towards the achievement of their statutory goals.

More and more technical-scientific associations will be committed to improving the quality of life of individuals, and from this perspective, cosmetics will also have more and more social value for improving the well-being of the person

The quality of the cosmetic product can be well represented by four homogeneous areas, all equally important and connected to each other: Safety, Effectiveness, Pleasantness and Stability; these four variables are understood in an extensive way: for example, safety must be understood in a global sense, including consumers, workers and the environment, in compliance with the Business Ethics