Cosmetics 4.0 - 1st Conference


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16 Sep, 2021 Hr : 10:00 / 16 Sep, 2021 Hr : 24:00
Spazio US 49 ( MI )

Cosmetics 4.0

The 1st "Cosmetics 4.0" conference will highlight the short and medium-term transformations of the cosmetics supply chain generated by the application of neuroscience and innovative digital technologies, such as machine learning, virtual assistants, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, bioinformatics, Internet of Things and 3D Printing.

The Conference will be developed through 5 monothematic Round Tables, moderated by experts in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise;

In addition, the following Keynote Speakers have already guaranteed their qualified presence:

Prof. F. Masulli - Vega Research Laboratories & Genova University

Prof. F. Maggino (La Sapienza University of Rome - President of the Italian Wellness Room at the Prime Minister's Office)

Dr. G.A. Positano (Cosmetica Italia)

In particular, Round Table No. 5 deals with Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies applied to the cosmetic supply chain

Objectives: To draw up a Roadmap that combines cosmetics innovation and development with the no longer postponable needs of Environmental, Ethical and Economic Sustainability

Thematic areas

Cosmetic Ingredients, Prototype Formulation and Evaluation, Production and Packaging, Process Engineering, Trade and Retail, Big Data Organization

The following Testimonials have already signed up for this Round Table

G. Fezzardini (TKS) - Moderator

Testimonials: C. Angelinetta (BIOBASIC); M.Bio (SnapdragonChemistry); C. Cimmino (Order of Biologists); D. Kirshneck (Microinnova); N.La Rocca (Acqua dell’Elba); S.Manfredini (UNIFERRARA); V.Rialdi (MAPIC); M.Rotella (INDUPLAST); B. Look (KIKO); A.Vasselli (Epideco)

The other Round Tables will deal with the following topics:

Round Table 1 - Neuroscience and Cosmetics

Roundtable 2 - E-commerce and UXP

Round Table 3 - Packaging, 3D printers and eco-design

Round Table 4 - Environmental, Economic, Social Sustainability


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