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SPIM 2018 - Skin Physiology International Meeting

15 novembre 2018, ore 08:45 16 novembre 2018, ore 17:30

Vichy, France (XX)
Palais des Congrès

The SPIM is a unique scientific meeting at the crossroads of research excellence and international conviviality. Putting latest research work and discoveries on skin physiology at its center, the event aims at sharing and mixing thoughts, views and investigation methods between various disciplines without dogmatic position.

It involves experts from all specialisations (physiologists, biochemists, dermatologists and pharmacologists) and all countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, etc) and encourages cross-collaboration to push further scientific understanding of skin physiology and metabolic interactions, for both healthy and disorder skin states.

Each SPIM has been and is designed in collaboration with our scientific committee gathering renowned scientists, doctors and professionals with large experience in the area of skin physiology, dermatology and cosmetology .

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