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The 1st IPCE Conference - June 18-20 - Stresa: this extremely important Intercontinental Cosmetic Event has been succesfully concluded!

18 giugno 2017, ore 09:30

MiCo Stresa Convention Center (VB)

4 Scientific sessions have featured a set of top level Lecturers and were opened by the following Keynote Speakers:

Luigi Rigano, Miki Minamino, Fujihiro Kanda, Peter Tsolis


The following educational courses, led by distinguished scientists,  with the aim of training attendees on emerging scientific disciplines of interest to Junior Cosmetologists, have gained an extremely good appreciation

·    Molecular Biology and Gene Expression for the Cosmetic Chemists  - Howard Epstein, PhD.

·    Skin Lipids: Essential Role of Lipids on Skin Health
Apostolos Pappas, Ph.D.


The Round Table on Regulatory differences between EU, US and Japan with the participation of Regional Regulatory Experts, have introduced the Conference on June the 18th


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2019 IFSCC Conference: CosmEthics: Science and Conscience

30 settembre 2019, ore 18:00
MILANO, MiCo Milano Congressi

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