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Safety Assessment of Natural Skin Care Products. Why it is more important now?

23 giugno 2020, ore 15:00 23 giugno 2020, ore 16:00

Webinarjam (MI)

With the current global pandemic and the rise in awareness of maintaining a good hygiene practice, consumers establish even greater awareness to the importance of ingredients in the formulations they apply to their skin. The result is that the “clean skin” products trend that began a few years ago is now experiencing a growing wave of interest. One key application of current interest is for products that moisturize the skin and prevent barrier disruption due to the extensive cleansing of the hands. The industry is now seeking for products and strategies to maintain a healthy barrier while adhering to the recommended hygiene practice. The “clean skin” market is focusing on natural products. While natural products may be perceived as safe, in some cases, they can pose additional risk factors when compared to synthetic. The most critical aspect is their composition breakdown. When pure synthetic compound is evaluated, assessor is basing his assessment on the nature of its chemistry. However with natural products, the composition if often not fully studied or revealed and when does, it is complicated and contains variety of components. Batch to batch consistency, processing aids, extraction solvents, use of pesticides, heavy metals and microbial burden are additional risk factors. It is also occasionally speculated that if a compound is edible it is safe to apply topically. This is inaccurate since the digesting system is a very different organ when compared to skin and a specific customized study panel should be considered in the evaluation of edible natural compounds that are applied to skin. The talk will explain basic aspects in skin toxicology and will delve into the specific aspects that are to be considered when evaluating safety of natural products in skin care products.


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