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3rd IPCE & 14th ASCS JOINT CONFERENCE Bridging the beauty intelligence of East and West

3 giugno 2019, ore 09:00 5 giugno 2019, ore 18:00

Honk Kong

The Societies of Cosmetic Chemists Italy, China and Hong Kong with the endorsement of the Japanese and US Societies, will convene at the heart of Hong Kong to showcase the cutting-edge research.

The 3rd IPCE Conference, held jointly to the 14th ASCS Conference, will be organized by the Hong Kong Society of Cosmetic Chemists

“Bridging the beauty intelligence of East and West”, theme of the Conference, highlight the ever greater flux of innovations born from cross disciplines and Nations; this conference promises to be a wonderful experience for all participants and stakeholders.

And, of course, there will be many networking opportunities, as Hong Kong is well known for its metropolitan dynamics and cultural melting pot.

We are working hard to make the 3rd IPCE conference an exciting and memorable scientific event that brings together science, learning and networking.

A special thanks to all of the hard-working team members who will help to bring this Conference to life and a warm welcome to all Lecturers.

Hong Kong is the place to be in June 2019 for all leading experts and scientists in the cosmetic industry!

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Elaine Chan – President – Hong Kong Society of Cosmetic Chemist and
ASCS Conference 2019 Organizing Committee

Stefania Motta – President – SICC

Elio Mignini – 2019 IPCE Conference Coordinator

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